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EdTech Inquiry

The pod group I was apart of for EDCI 336 decided to explore Google Classroom for our EdTech Inquiry. The purpose behind this was to get familiar with this resource while developing our understanding of how Google Classroom can work…. Continue Reading →

Free Inquiry Wrap Up

Walking Home From Mongolia has been a fantastic book to read. This book can truly teach anybody a lesson about the humour and honesty of life amid the triumphs and challenges we all go through. Through this novel, it helped remind… Continue Reading →

Week 10: Gaming in Education

This week we learned from our guest speaker, middle school teacher Heidi James, about how gaming can be incorporated into education. Specifically, Heidi spoke about Minecraft, and although I was aware it’s a highly popular game, I likely wouldn’t have… Continue Reading →

Reflection Week 2: Intellectual Property, Open Education

Intellectual property such as copyright is often a topic that seems very complex, daunting, and something one has to be highly aware of when dealing with others’ property for academic or other purposes. In light of this complexity, our professor… Continue Reading →

Free Inquiry – What you can learn about life and adventure through reading

There is so much that Walking Home From Mongolia entails. Midway through the book and Rob and Leon have entered China, and they witness two worlds colliding. In some respects, ancient historical landmarks are seen almost everywhere, which is likely to be… Continue Reading →

Distributed Learning

This week we had a conversation all about distributed learning and what that can mean for supporting students. Distributed learning revolves around modality, where we can engage in blended learning where there are face-to-face options and online learning options. Especially… Continue Reading →

Technology, Inclusion, Apps

It was great to have Chantelle Morvay-Adams from the BCEd Access Society present to our cohort on the topic of inclusion and equal access to education for all. Chantelle spoke about the challenges and barriers many students and families face… Continue Reading →

Media Development (image, audio, video)

In our EDCI 413 course, Pedagogy for Science Education, one of our assignments was to create a science lesson and video demonstrating a science experiment that ties into the BC curriculum. For this assignment, I edited images, audio, and video… Continue Reading →

Trevor MacKenzie – Inquiry

This past week we had a lovely presentation by Trevor MacKenzie and had the privilege of hearing all of his inquiry-based insights and expertise. Trevor spoke about the various characteristics of what an inquiry classroom is and what it might… Continue Reading →

Free Inquiry – Diving into reading

  My goal in 2021 has been to read more books of all kinds. Through this blog, I will reflect on various books and share what kind of inspiration and thoughts each book stirs up in my mind. I am… Continue Reading →

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